Maider leggings and Burda t-shirt 125-09-2014

I’ve been wanting to make my own leggings pattern for a long time now. I’m short and I have super slim ankles and drafting a leggings pattern is so quick and simple. I followed Maider’s instructions, thus the name. Her blog is in Basque and Spanish, but  Google translate and her very detailed photos made this possible. 🙂

After sewing a test pair in a very thin red lycra, I made a few changes to the basic pattern:
– lowered the waistline by 1 cm
– used a yoga waistband instead of elastic
– added ankle cuffs
– and the most obvious – adding contrasting stripe to the sides with built in pockets Jalie style

The way the pattern is constructed makes the center side line to move to the back above the hips, so the contrasting panel is more on the back than on the sides.

For the next pair I angled the side seam to the front, and of course I overdone it. The plan was to have the pockets on the side of the hips, not in front like a gun holster.

The wild West Legging

I call them “The Wild West Leggings”

But look at those matching red vinyls! Almost perfect!

I wish I read the reviews for the top before making it. Th t-shirt is too short, barely hits below my waist (and I’m short!), and the sleeve cuffs are so tight.  My arms are not the slimmest though…

All my leggings have a high waist, so I will be wearing the shirt anyway, but not with the matching leggings. They look too much like pyjamas together.

The navy, giraffe and vinyl fabrics are from FunkiFabrics. I gave in and bought some after seeing Dawn’s prism leggings – I have some of that fabric too! And did you see the cool print she used for a dress recently? I wouldn’t wear this fabric for day wear though.

P.S. I was hoping to show you my January Burda challenge make but I didn’t manage to rescue the fabric. Here it is before I chopped it to pieces.

Every skirt dies, not every skirt really lives.