Polka hot overload

This morning, as I was carrying my son to the tube station, I was thinking of what this post will be about. It was going to be about hotties and cuties, but then I did some research and apparently the two words are very similar in meaning, more similar than I thought they were. So I’m not going to tell you how I was never a hot girl, or how I remember trying to be one for a while in high school and never succeeded, or how I don’t even feel comfortable being hot. Or being too hot. Because let me tell you, even if what you’ll see next is full of cutesy polka dots in different sizes and paintings of tea parties, wearing a tight bodysuit with scoop back and front neckline is going to make you hot. I initially planned on wearing the Nettie with black skinny jeans, but I was hotter that I could handle. (I just re-read this and I think cutesy was the word i was looking for this morning, but it just came up now)

I couldn’t say for sure, but I do think Heather Lou infused some of hers and Wanett’s hotness in this pattern. The minute you put this on you’re instantly hot. At least as hot as you can be. Look at this face. Does this face say “hottie”? No.

That was my normal face, but how about this one? No.

Well, there’s only so much a pattern can do :). This was a really quick sew, it took less than 2 hours, but that doesn’t include cutting and snaps sewing. Cutting was quick as well – I recently bought a huge A1 cutting mat and I didn’t pay a fortune on it. I found a no name one on E bay, I paid less than 15 pounds, shipping included. Sewing the snaps wasn’t that easy though, I fond it hard to keep them in place while sewing so they are not perfectly aligned. But they do the job.

I do have some nicer pictures from the “photo shoot”. I met some friends yesterday, it was raining and freezing, but they helped me find a nice background (thank you, Jenny!) and stood in the rain while I as doing my best to act hot.


I never see those lines in the mirror, I don’t even think they’re actually there 😀

I know I mentioned the word hot 10000 times in this post, but it’s just to emphasize the hotness of this pattern 🙂

It can even make you hot while you do the robot dance!



Plantain – how I made the keyhole and sleeve detail

Plantain keyhole and little bow detail Tutorial

My Plantain with the little keyhole and bows on the sleeves is my most popular post, and back in February when I blogged about it I promised to make a short tutorial about the sleeve detail. I always think that a good tutorial has lots of pictures, so here you go:

(Ignore the fact that I keep calling it a teardrop instead of keyhole 😀 )


Plantain keyhole and little bow detail Tutorial

I tried to capture each step, but it was all clear in my head, so I might have missed something. So if you’re looking at one of the pictures and find yourself scratching your head, send me an email or leave your question in the comments 🙂


London Sewing Meet Up

Pff, what a day! What a day! I shyly entered the V&A cafe this morning at around 11 (fashionably late? 🙂 ), where there were 60-70 ladies, wearing fabulous outfits. I looked around for a few minutes, building courage to join one of the groups. It was a bit strange not knowing anyone, but I guess it was the same for many of the girls there. And once I joined, there was no way out! 🙂 I met so many lovely ladies – Amy, Amanda, Louise, Carmen, gorgeous Jennifer, Simona, blogless Vicki who had a fantastic self drafted shawl collar linen dress, blogless Maya who bought some really cool fabrics, I hope she will start a blog or at least Instagram, so I can see what she’s going to make -and more, I hope there will be a list somewhere with everyone who attended. I didn’t take many pictures, as I was too busy socializing 🙂 but I’m sure a lot will pop up everywhere around the blogosphere (The spell checker doesn’t recognize blogosphere, why isn’t it a word yet? :D).

At noon we took some group photos and headed out to Goldhawk Road, and this is what I bought:

I have a plan for everything, except for the pink bathing ladies, which was £2/m anyway, so no mindless shopping. Ok, maybe just a bit.

I wore my Burda 10/2011 – 122 red dress

Thank you, Rachel, for organising such a wonderful event! I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but I do hope you will do it again!

XYT top and Jalie skirt again

2 weeks ago I ran my first HM in my 3rd Fehrtrade XYT top and 2nd Jalie skort.

I did some changes to the top pattern this time, to avoid the distortions that happened the first time. I removed a “wedge” at the top side of the front and back, made the front lining wider and added 2 cm back to the length of both linings.

old (white) lining vs new (paper) one

The fit is now great, the lining bra is still supportive, and there are no drag lines on the top layer.

For the skort I used the same sizing as the first time, no alterations. Since the first version fit was great, I was expecting the second one to be the same, so I didn’t think to do a test run in it. Big mistake! The fabric I used for the first version was a bit more stable I think, as where the red one is more thin. As a result, I couldn’t keep anything (my phone) in the cleverly designed pockets, because the skirt kept going down! I’ll probably add elastic at the waist, to keep it in place.

zigzag “flat-locked” seams

I’m happy that I now got the fit right on the top, this is officially my favorite running outfit. 😀


And the pyramid goes to…

Sorry for the delay here, my excuse is a feverish 3 old boy that stuck to me like glue all day yesterday.


There were 4 comments on the initial pyramid post:

  1. Chris @ makeandwear
  2. Sian
  3. Catherine @ clothesandsewing.blogspot.com 
  4. Amy

Random.org decided that the pyramid will visit Sian!!! Congrats! Please send me an email with your full name and address 🙂

And look what I got in the post last week, my SewNews prize, 4 yards of beautiful peony fabric:

My first half marathon

Running is my favorite work out, and lately my only work out 🙂

In December last year I started training for a 2:30 half marathon. My best yet is 2:45 running on roads or park trails with minimum elevation gain. Last Saturday I ran in my first HM race in Brasov, my hometown. It was a trail race with almost 1000 meters elevation gain, climbing Tampa mountain twice. It was beautiful, but so effing hard! I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard. I was hoping to finish the race in ~3:30, but I gave up trying when I was climbing the mountain the second time, on a very steep trail, and my total time was a bit over 4 hours. Stopping for pictures included 🙂

We climbed the mountain on a trail full of sharp and slippery stones, covered in thick mud

Only a few meters to the top

The old city seen from the top

A bit of downhill running, in my Jalie 2796 skort and Fehrtrade XYT top (I’m planning to blog about them next week)

More climbing

I wasn’t running for a while now

The race soundtrack, only 5 seconds, so you don’t get bored 🙂


The second climb was brutal, climbing steep stairs built in stone

And from this side you could see a part of the newer city, not as lovely as the old one 🙂

Mothers never rest – I was trying to catch my breath, but someone wanted to be held 🙂

To my surprise I was able to stand with 15 kilos wrapped around me 🙂

If you like sewing and racing, why not join Melissa’s Spring Race Challenge?