Am I too late for the hoot trend?

When I first started sewing more than 5 years ago, my main resource was BurdaStyle website. Lots and lots of sewing tips, tutorials and free patterns. I still have manyof them saved din my account, but I think this is the first time I’m making something with one of their patterns. (I don’t count a failed Kasia that I attempted as a first project)

The JJ blouse is a simple princess seams shirt with ruffles and puffed sleeves. I skipped the ruffles as my fabric is busy enough.

I’m usually a 38-40 but after measuring the pattern I decided to cut 36 and my seam allowances were a bit more than 5/8, so this pattern runs large.
I also removed 2 cm in length, one from the bust and another one from the waist. This is standard for me as I am petite.

I had the buttonholes made at DMButtons. Save yourself a headache and use them if you are in London. You could also send them your garment by post if you are in the UK. I paid 3 pounds for 8 buttonholes, and they were done in 2 minutes. Sewn, cut and ready to use. I’m never making buttonholes again!

What you see there is water. It was raining and I wiped that street light with my bum.

I bought the fabric at Saeed’s Fabrics in my only (so far) trip to Walthamstow market last year. I had only one meter, it was an impulse purchase as I loved the print too much but had no idea what to make with it. A month or so ago I saw that a fitted blouse contest was going to run on Pattern Review. I had the pattern (still free on BurdaStyle), I had the fabric, a contest was the motivation I needed to make something.

This is the first shirt I make and I love it! It’s not often that a project ends up better than I imagined 🙂 . I was feeling so smug I even tried the Rachel pose.

I won’t do it again. I promise!



Almost there

This Sunday I ran the HM distance for the first time, the longest I ran before is 16 km. Hooray for me!! 😀 I have 7 more weeks until my first HM competition, so there is still some time to improve my close to 3 hours time.

The weather was so nice this weekend. But don’t be fooled by the image below, I’ve seen daffodils in bloom throughout the winter here.


Here is an action shot of my running belt, sorry my hand is so short and I can’t show you a more “panoramic” view 🙂 . I’ve been wearing it for all my runs lately and I love it. I don’t know how I could live without it so far. It did stretch a bit and I’m thinking of a new version with a separate smaller pocket for coins, so they don’t scratch my phone and jiggle while I run.


I tried to run really slow, just to make sure that I can make the 21 kilometers, and good for me! Because I don’t think I would’ve made it otherwise. I stopped for a banana at 17km and it was so hard to get back to running after that. Maybe I should try gels, so I don’t have to stop?

I’ve been listening to the National a lot during this run. Their lyrics and his voice are so beautifully sad, I just want to give him a hug and tell him everything will be alright.

In other news – sewing/knitting related – I’ve made some progress with my perfect jacket pattern. I have it ready, 2 piece sleeve and all, I need to make a muslin now. I’m thinking of something similar to Dapper.


I’ve cut my owl fabric for a JJ shirt.


And my Tweedy Dan is ready, waiting to be blocked and sewn.