I will never be cold again – Old Romance and other knits

Old Romance was released in March and as soon as I saw it I wanted to make it. I bought the pattern, but as it usually happens, it got stuck in my knitting queue. Then at the end of July a Joji Fall knit along was announced and I decided to join. The cast on date was August 1st and we had 3 months to finish. That seamed reasonable and indeed I was able to finish on time.

Ignore the squinty  eyes here

I bought the yarn on eBay, it’s a lambswool/silk mix, a little scratchy but not too bad. I can wear this cardigan a whole day without any problem. And it was a bargain at £3/100g. I recently bought some merino from the same shop and it’s very soft and nice.

Following the knit along, I discovered/remembered a few techniques. The first one is one that I used before, but forgot about it – twin stitch short rows, aka shadow wraps – they are invisible. I always had little holes when I used the wrap and turn method.

Next one is Russian grafting technique – joining live stitches with a crochet hook. It’s not invisible like kitchener, it looks like a lovely braid.

And the last one is this extra stretchy, no flare bind off for ribbing, continental (Lori’s twisty bind off). I knit continental, but a different variation than Lori – it’s called Eastern uncrossed. In this variation some stitches sit differently on the needle, like they are twisted. Long story short, I didn’t used this bind off because I was to lazy to “translate” the method from standard continental to Eastern uncrossed, and using it as it was resulted in a very un-stretchy ribbing. But I would like to try it at some point.


And since I was in the knitting fever, I also made two hats – one for me and one for the boy.

no pattern – drops merino baby


WhiteTree Purple Vogue 8787

Sometime in august I met Simona for a drink when she was in London and she told me about WhiteTree Fabrics and their blog team. I checked their website and they were still looking for bloggers to join the team, so I signed up!

It took me two months to make this dress and write this post, and this was after almost a month of trying to choose the pattern and fabric. In the end I decided to go with something practical, that I could wear everyday. I used Vogue 8787 because I loved that neckline, a purple ponte roma and black stretch lining.

After looking at images of finished dresses using this pattern, I decided to make the top one size smaller than what I would normally go for. The neckline and gathered detail were more obvious when the top is really stretched on the body. The little table on the envelope says I’m somewhere in-between size 12 and 14, but after measuring the pattern I cut the top in size 10 tapering to 12 at the waist/skirt.

I didn’t want a straight skirt, but a very full skirt wouldn’t look to good in this fabric either (I think), so I closed the darts on the straight skirt to get this A-line shape. I followed the pattern instructions for constructing the dress, but I always attach the lining following this tutorial.

It’s not very visible here, but I do need a sway back adjustment

The plan was to make a winter dress but it looked much too severe with long sleeves and skirt.

My next project will be something crazy, because that’s what you should do with free patterns and fabric! I don’t know how often I would wear a jacket like this, but I need one in my life.

Here’s a discount code you can use for 20% off and free delivery – LIVING ROOM. Go check their lace selection, it’s huge!