Butterick 6385 – A coat for my sister


I promised my sister a long time ago that I would make her a winter coat. She  visited for a week at the end of last month and I was prepared – I bought the pattern at the GBSB live event in September and ordered the fabric online right after the event. It’s a wool tweed in denim blue, very soft and snuggly.

We had quite a few days out during her stay, so I only had 3 days to make this for her.

Day 1  – muslin and cutting fabric

Day 2 – fusing interfacing on all pieces and starting sewing. Fusing took soooooo looong, but the fabric was a bit too soft and flimsy, it ended up looking so much better with a light knit interfacing backing.

Day 3 – finished sewing everything, including all hand stitching very late in the day.

Day 4 – ok, some work has been done on the 4th day. All the basting thread had to be taken out, but I was out to #sewbrum so my sister had to do that.

On day 5 my sister was leaving early in the morning, we took  some few quick pictures at the airport. I entered this coat in the Wool Coat contest on Pattern Review. The pictures are not good enough for a competition entry but there was no way I could get some better ones before the deadline.


You can read the fitting/construction details over on Pattern Review.

I need a short break from sewing after the hectic #prsewingbee and making this coat in such a short time. I want to make a few pairs of jeans and some cosy sweatshirts, but I can’t get myself to start yet. I started a new knitting project and I’ll keep busy with that one for a while.


3 thoughts on “Butterick 6385 – A coat for my sister

    • This is a good pattern to make for others, it’s so easy to adjust with ll those vertical seams. I’m thinking of making one for myself too 🙂


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