IAM Patterns Artemis


I bought the fabric and pattern for this one about  a month ago at the GBSB live. I rarely use a pattern/fabric so soon after buying, but this was quick to make and very seasonally appropriate so I tried really hard not to stash them.

The pattern didn’t really tempt me until I saw a picture of the longer version. It looked really warm and cosy in a nice woolly fabric.


After getting the pattern I looked for a boiled wool but ended up buying this wool knit, slightly felted, from Doughty’s. The label said 80% wool and it was £15, less than the 100% wool fabrics that went for ~£20/m. I chose this one for the colour, I love bottle green and it’s very easy to wear. The problem is the dye is not properly set and everything it touches gets green. I will try to wash it with some vinegar.

Going back to the pattern – the envelope was tricky to open. It’s a waxed paper on one side, glued to card on the other side. I didn’t find a way to open it nicely so I ripped the paper. I could’ve used the scissors I guess 🙂

Based on the size chart I should’ve went for size 42 but I cut 38 after measuring the pattern. I’m used to wearing more closely fitting clothes,. I’m not yet ready for the full on slouchy trend.




I lengthen the original pattern by 30 cm.  For the front I added 10 cm above the pocket and 20 below. The higher pockets might be aesthetically pleasing, but I think they are more practical lower down so I can actually keep my hands in.

The pattern instructions say you need 3 yards for the short version, the long one isn’t included. I bought 3 meters (3.3 yards) and after making the coat 30 cm longer I have enough left for a knee length skirt. I think they are way too cautious with fabric requirements.

The pattern had a center back seam – maybe for stability, maybe for fabric layout. The instructions show the fabric folded cut sides together, not selvedge to selvedge – not sure why, the pieces would fit either way. My fabric was stable enough so I cut the back on fold so there’s no seam along center back.

The hems are overlocked and folded once to avoid bulk. The instructions ask you to fold twice which would work fine with a lighter fabric.

There was a seam allowance error at step 5 which I think was a typo – asking you to sew 1/8″ instead of 3/8″. It was only in the English version, I scratched my head reading it until I looked at the French version and noticed the difference. I sent a message to the designer so they might update it.

It’s a lovely coat and I’ve been wearing it a lot, I need to make sure I wash it again with some vinegar and only wear it over dark clothes for  a while.




I wore it to #sewbrum on Saturday but didn’t take any pictures. In fact, the only pictures I took that day was this one of a wall somewhere close to the train station.


My shopping list for Saturday was short – sweatshirting and denim. I didn’t buy anything else, but I did get enough sweatshirt knit to last me a few years, all from Guthrie & Ghani. The selvedge denim is from Barry’s and the mustard/gold is from G&G.


I was lucky again this year and won a prize in the raffle – a nice selection of crafty bits from Sew Crafty. Those doughnut weights look delicious.


I had a great time on Saturday, #sewbrum is a lovely event, I think the way it’s organised  with coffee first, shopping after and then more socialising at Guthrie & Ghani makes it easy to make new sewing friends.


3 thoughts on “IAM Patterns Artemis

  1. Looking great, Geo! It will be so helpful to have your instructions handy when I finally get around to making this one :). Nice memories from GBSB Live too :).


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