A plaid tailored jacket for PR Sewing Bee round 3

I’m still burnt out after making this in 9 days (mostly evenings), 2 of which were spent on fitting the pattern, but I wanted to share it because I’m extremely proud of it.

There are many details in my PR review so I won’t bore you with more text, even though I could probably write at least 2 lengthy posts about this week.

2 bound buttonholes – one of them is almost invisiblle

Perfectly matching pocket flap

Almost perfectly matching welt

I underlined the bias cut velvet collar with a piece of interfaced light cotton

Insides before lining

Inside out – satin silk lining from the cloth house sale – £4/m

aligned horizontal lines

aligned vertical lines

Could’ve done better on the back

I absolutely love it!

I hope I get through to the final round (will find out tomorrow) and the last challenge is a pair of trousers. I’ve had a gorgeous pair of Burda (again!) jeans on my list for 2 years. 😀


23 thoughts on “A plaid tailored jacket for PR Sewing Bee round 3

  1. I really love everything about this – the fabric, the shape, lining, and workmanship. I am sorry you didn’t get chosen in the end, but as you say Olympic outfit is a bit strange…


  2. Dang! your plaid matching is impeccable. Especially the welt pocket flaps. I hope you get through to the final you are such an accomplished sewer and I love the fit of your jacket. Our jackets have similar colour plaid from afar its quite nice😃


    • Mutlumesc frumos! Gulerul ar fi putut sa stea mai bine, dar mi-a fost frica sa il calc, si cred ca oricum nu poti modela bumbacul ca pe lana.


      • Did you made the alteration for square shoulders? I can see a huge improvement in the fit, compared with earlier blouses, t-shirts and dresses. The shoulder fit is simply SUPERB!!!! Go and get a high place.


      • I didn’t need to change anything. When I made the previous jacket, the woven one, I had to change the right shoulder because the right front was collapsing, but the left was hanging straight ( I had horizontal and vertical lines drawn all over the muslin). I made the same alteration to my first muslin for this one but the drag lines indicated that wasn’t necessary so I left it out. Maybe it’s the shoulder pads in this one that helps it out (I used shoulder pads in muslin too). But I agree, I have asymmetrical shoulders and I need to address that. Thank you for opening my eyes. Hugs!


      • Oh, and unfortunately I didn’t make it to the next round. The theme is weird anyway, and the grapes are very sour 🙂


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