A spotty JJ for PR sewing bee

A few weeks ago the new PR Sewing Bee contest was announced and I decided to join. I don’t remember why I didn’t enter last year, but I did watch it and it seemed like a lot of fun. Contests and challenges are big motivators for me, so this year I say ‘Bring it on!’

The first round challenge started yesterday and I did not expect a fitted blouse as the first project. They are supposed to get more complex every week, so I wonder – will a tailored jacket be the last challenge? 😀

I am going to make another BurdaStyle JJ – I’ve made it before and it fits nice. I am a little rounder than last time I made it, but I’ve made it with seam allowances a little larger than 5/8 last time and I am making it with 3/8 SA this time. There are 6 vertical seams adding up to a total difference of 3 inches, enough to fit with 1.5-2 inches of ease around the bust.

The fabric I chose is a very light satin backed silk crepe – it was a gift from a lovely friend I met online and then in real life (Servus, Olga!). I starched it to make cutting and sewing easier. It didn’t transform into quilting cotton, but it is easier to handle after starching. I don’t think the stand collar would look good in this fabric, I lowered the neckline and I will bound it with bias. The neckline is now 2 cm wider, 1 cm lower in the back and 11 cm lower in front. Somebody tried it before me successfully so I can be sure it will look nice.

I was going to make ‘real’ french seams, but I couldn’t sew the fabric with a narrow 1/4” seam allowance without it shifting under the presser foot. I am now slowly going through all the seams fake frenching them.

I want to have no visible seaming on the right side of the blouse, a lot more hand sewing will be needed  – fixing the bias on the back of the neckline, the same for sleeves (I’m not making cuffs) and invisible rolled hem. But I am on holiday and we have to stay around the house, so I have plenty of time for that.

The buttonholes will show though, not sure what I can do about that. I could’ve done loops, but I didn’t think of them early enough and now it’s too late. I have these dainty bobble buttons in red and light purple, I’m not sure which ones I’ll use yet. None of them matches perfectly, but there’s no way I can get to a haberdashery before the challenge closes. I might change them after.

Are you doing this? You can join anytime before the challenge closes on September 7th.


19 thoughts on “A spotty JJ for PR sewing bee

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  2. Succes Geo! din pacate noi nu vom putea viziona noua serie, numai dupa ce vor fi postate pe youtube. E bine si asa decat deloc!
    A mai fost o romanca participanta Alexa in sezonul 3.
    Poate ne dai de stire cand incepe sa te sustinem prin gandurile noastre pozitive.


    • Servus Tonia! Din pacate (sau fericire? 🙂 ) nu am sa apar in seria 4. E vorba de un concurs de pe forumul Pattern Review, nu am fost foarte clara ce e cu PR-ul ala. Am trecut de proba 1 si acum lucrez la proba 2 in care trebuie sa personalizam un material.


      • Servus Geo!
        Cred ca am inteles eu gresit (engleza mea e de vina); indiferent de concurs, ideea este ca iti faci timp sa participi asa ca te sustin de la distanta.
        Imi place cum ti-a iesit bluza, materialul e atat de fin.
        Succes si inspiratie la proba de personalizare (poate ceva de inspiratie etno) !


    • Sa stii ca m-am gandit la niste broderie cu punct in cruce si am cautat motive mai simplute, dar ar fi luat prea mult timp si stiam ca mai face cineva punct in cruce. Oricum, sper sa iti placa ideea mea. Cel mai tare sper sa imi placa si mie ce o sa iasa 😀


      • Sunt sigura ca te-ai gandit la ceva original, doar timp sa ai la dispozitie.
        Apropo merge si “cipca” (dreapta sau cu colturi) inserata sau aplicata nu numai cusaturile.


  3. Good luck Geo, and Hila. If it starts with a fitted blouse, goodness knows what will come up next. I would say that a blouse needs quite advanced skills. Anyway you are an advanced sewer! I prefer the purple buttons because they blend in with what is essentially a very delicate blouse.


  4. Hey! I love your fabric choice too! Think the red buttons are to striking agains the fabric! I would use the purple ones ! And good luck! Îți țin pumnii!


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