Butterick 6168 or Do you know how much I love Lisette?

I was only aware of the Lisette patterns before and I do have an unused (yet) Simplicity one, but my love really started with Butterick 6168. I needed this dress and I finally have it.

I did a quick muslin in size 14 and made the following alterations:

– shortened the shoulder length by 1 cm

– shortened the bodice above the bust 1 cm at the armhole to 1,5 at center front (1cm across at the back)

– 1 cm sway back

– added 2 cm to the sleeve width

– shortened the skirt by 12 cm: 7 cm at the marked line and cm at the hem. I found that when I need to shorten a large amount on a full skirt, it works best for me if I remove some of the length at the hem too, otherwise the skirt is too full compared to the design for my short figure.

Another thing I changed was to use a normal facing for the back, instead of bias. To do that, I slightly changed the sewing steps:

1. I’ve sewn the front facings only from the neckline notch toward the bottom when constructing the front

2. I’ve attached the front to the back at the shoulders and the front facing to the back facing

3. I’ve sewn the facing to the bodice from front neckline notches to centre back

The fabric is a very soft and light cotton jacquard, I think. It’s light grey on one side and dark grey on the other, with contrasting spots on each side.


I bought it from Cloth House, which is close to my office. After buying the pattern I couldn’t wait for the weekend to go looking somewhere else, and even though I wasn’t convinced with the dark color, I think it’s a good fit for the cheeky design. And it’s really so soft and light, you can see in the photos it’s always flowing.

As other reviewers have stated, the side view is not the most flattering. I could easily wear this dress half way through a pregnancy. But looking at the design as a whole, I couldn’t see the skirt attaching to the top any other way. And I can’t imagine it with a straight/a-line skirt either, unless you change the midriff band as well, and then you have to make sure you keep the design balanced. I’d really love to see someone try it.

I don’t know if I’m going to make this again, as it’s such a distinctive design, but I’m surely going to sew other Lisette patterns. Right now I’m working on some wearable muslins for B6183. Have you worked with any Lisette patterns? Do you love them as much as I do?


16 thoughts on “Butterick 6168 or Do you know how much I love Lisette?

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  2. love it in this fabric. I’m cutting out one this weekend and it’s black rayon with a bit of colour on it. I will also have to add to the sleeve width. Just seeing yours makes me excited to get cutting out mine!


  3. Geo, esti foarte shic! Te prinde extraordinar de bine si modelul si culoarea materialui. Intuitia ta nu da gres! Sa o porti cu placere 🙂


  4. Love your version – that fabric is very nice. I finished mine too! I cut the skirt two sizes smaller than the bodice and I shortened by about 7cm from the hem, so it’s a lot less fuller. This was because I was very short on fabric – but I’m glad to have the skirt less full. I wish I had added to the sleeve width as you did – it’s just ok, but a little extra room would be preferable! The cross over bodice seems suit everyone I’ve seen it on 🙂


    • Thank you, Chris! I’ve seen your post a few days ago, but I didn’t notice there is less gathering at the top of the skirt. It’s very obvious now that you mention it, and it’s a smart way to get the shape you need at that seam. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

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