New Look 6145 – Do you know an architect called Maya?

One year ago – well, one year and 13 days to be exact – I went to my first sewing meetup. It was the big London meeting at V&A organised by Rachel at House of Pinheiro. I was living in London for less than a year and I didn’t know anyone there. There were so many ladies in the V&A cafe and most of them seemed to know at least 2-3 other there. I am not the most sociable person, quite the contrary, it took me a lot of courage to go there. But as it usually happens, I was very happy I went. I met many lovely sewing ladies like Amy, Jodie, Lou, Vicki and Maya. I spent most of the shopping time on Goldhawk Road with facebook-less, instagram-less, blog-less Maya, and it was her who found this fabric:

It was a 3 m piece of what I suspect is a cotton-silk blend based on a burn test. We loved it as soon as we’ve seen it but none of us was committed to buying the whole piece. So we shared it. Each of us took half and I held on to it until I found the perfect pattern.

That happened 2 months ago when I found out about Simplicity’s blogger challenge. The ‘Best dressmaking project’ category pattern was New Look 6145, a basic shift dress that not only was a perfect canvas for my special fabric, but it’s the style that Maya loved best. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a dress similar to mine, maybe just a little more a-line.

I love this length on me, I have to make a version as long as my muslin.


I started with size 14, removed 5 cm from the skirt length and made the following changes to the pattern after a muslin:

  • shortened the bodice above the bust by 1 cm
  • shortened the shoulder length again by 1 cm
  • moved the shoulder seam 1 cm forward at the armscye
  • removed 1 cm wedge from CB
  • widened the back darts by 1 cm each
  • lengthen the back darts by 1 cm on the upper end

Apparently I do everything in 1’s :).

I think the back could be even more shaped and there is a little bit of dragging at the armscye, but I don’t know what more I could do, I’m not sure what needs changed. It still fits good for a woven dress, but every wrinkle and line is highlighted by the shiny fabric. Look at that zip – urghhh! – I interfaced the fabric there! 😦

I’ve planned another dress using this pattern – I’m going to make it out of a colorful viscose I bought recently, omit the zip as I can get into and out of the dress without it, and use the 3/4 sleeve, lightly gathered at the bottom.

And please, if you know Maya, the Finnish architect who lives in SE London, wears mostly a-line dresses with leggings, braids her hair and cycles to work, please let me know, I’d like to see her again! 🙂



6 thoughts on “New Look 6145 – Do you know an architect called Maya?

  1. Oh my goodness, I don’t know if I remember Maya. How terrible. Though there was a lot of people. Your dress and that print are perfect together. I love a dark floral!


  2. It’s a great basic pattern, and a super piece of cloth. I really like how you have done the placement of the flower. I think it is worth doing some more alterations on this dress to get a perfect fit. Then you can make a whole wardrobe of dresses!


    • Thank you, Kate!
      I think I raised the armhole too much and I need more space for the bust. That could be causing the pulling around the armholes. I’ll give it another try soon.


  3. Geo, la cutele de la rascroitura manecii, masoara lungimea de pe rascroitura bratului (spate si fata), pe urma lungimea la manceca unde vine prinsa de rochie. Lungimea de la maneca trebuie sa fie mai mare cu 2-4 cm (asta stric pe modelul acesta). Zic asta pentru ca am patit si eu. Cutele se fac pentru ca ai lungimea aia la maneca prea mica.
    Dar in rest, numai de bine! Tu alegi niste modele care iti vin super bine. O fi oare intuitia? In oricecaz, ai o rochita foarte frumusica care te avantajeaza 🙂


    • Mersi Ana! Maneca e mai lunga decat fata+spate, dar tot surplus este in partea de sus a manecii, iar cutele sunt mai jos.


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