Acorn trail or how I realised that I choose my knit patterns the same way I buy my fabric

The busier the better that is. I like textured knits the same way I’m attracted to prints rather than solid fabrics.

Yes! I have finally finished this one! I started working on it just before the new year and I worked almost two months on it. But only this bank holiday weekend I got around hand sewing the button bands.

I got the horn buttons from Kleins. The salesman was very nice and showed interest in my cardigan. I’m not sure if it was for real or not, but he was friendly and helpful and I ended up buying more items than I intended to. 🙂

The pattern is an Amy Herzog design and I enjoyed making this so much! It looks complicated at first, but I memorised the stitch patterns in no time. I used Cascade 220 (a lucky find on ebay, I still have some left plus another 800g in a deep purple heather) and made a few changes:

  • my gauge was different, I had 17 st/4″ instead of 18, so I knit a size smaller
  • my row gauge was different too so I made the decreases/increases every 6 rows instead of 8
  • I changed the neckline to a V neck as I think it goes better with everything (I find my Miette is really difficult to wear because all my dresses have a high neckline)

For the V neck I started decreasing at the armhole, placing the decreases at the side of the lace pattern. This made the v neck go from the armholes to the center, but seaming the shoulders and blocking gave it the correct shape.

You can still see it a bit when it’s unbuttoned.

But it’s no biggie, I don’t mind it and I’m sure no one will notice. 🙂

Do you have a neater way of sewing buttons on your knits? Do you hide the loose ends somehow?


2 thoughts on “Acorn trail or how I realised that I choose my knit patterns the same way I buy my fabric

  1. I like your green Cardigan a lot and thought how you finished your button- and buttonhole bands on the backside is a great idea. I wondered myself before If that was a possibility to keep the bands in shape. You were wondering how to make the buttons look neat on the backside, well when I attach my button on the front I use a smaller clear button for the backside. It is a good re-enforcement and looks nice on the backside. Greetings from the USA


    • Thank you, Heidi! I’ve seen a lot of tutorial for reinforcing bands with ribbons, but it;s harder to find ribbon in the right width, weight and color. When I first saw someone using fabric I thought it was genius :). I’ve worn the carding a lot since I made it and the fabric backing is really effective, the bands are keeping their shape. thank you for the clear button idea, I will use it in the future.


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