Wild flowers spring top

Everybody must be waiting for spring. Are you? I know I am.

I had my eye on this Liberty print since last summer, it was love at first sight. A month ago I finally decided it’s time for us to be together so I ordered 2 meters from White Tree Fabrics.

Initially I wanted to make a shirt, but after my last make in plaid I needed something easier, quicker. And I think this pattern works a lot better with the fabric. The pattern is a mash up of two Burda Magazine tops, both from the 10/2011 issue.

The  big sleeves wouldn’t work with cotton, so I used the more modest sleeve from pattern 114, omitting the sleeve openings. I’ve also decided to loose the ruffle because:

  1. I’m too short to wear so much fabric
  2. Who has the time to iron that thing?

I went up from 38 to 40 in Burda sizes lately, but I found that 38 still fits better on my shoulders so for this top I used 38 above armholes and 40 below. I used 38 for both the sleeve and the amrscye, but the armscye of 114 was longer than 121, so I ended up with a few gathers on top of the sleeves. I don’t mind.

I shortened the pattern only at the bottom, the waist is almost spot on. I wonder how this would work on someone who’s a normal height. I’m guessing the waist would be too high 🙂

Something that wasn’t mentioned in the instructions but I did anyway is to top stitch the ties. I have two dresses with similar long ties that are not top stitched and it’s a pain to iron them after washing.

This print is gorgeous!

FUN FACT (I’m starting to like this 🙂 ) – I’ve entered a competition with this blouse on a Romanian forum and I won! Yay!

FUN FACT 2  – If you’re in the UK and have watched “Cucumber”, you might have noticed Henry wearing a shirt with the same print

And a final P.S. This is not a White tree project, I bought the fabric this time, but you can still use “LIVING ROOM” at check out to get 20% discount and free shipping.


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