Abstract print Scout dress

I try to sew one project per week. I usually start with cutting/pressing/interfacing during the week and then I sew on weekends. Depending on how much time I have I will choose a quick project or a more elaborate one. Last weekend was a busy one – with a visit to the science museum on Saturday and a day trip to Brighton on Sunday there wasn’t much time left for sewing. So I made this dress on Friday evening and only left the buttonhole for Saturday morning.

The print needed a simple dress, so I merged the Scout pattern with an old dress I like and came up with this “pattern”. I only made Scout once after applying my petite alterations and it turned ok-ish, but after making this dress I think I went a little overboard. I removed 2cm (3/4′) in length from the armscye  area and it’s a bit too tight now. I reprinted the pattern and plan to remove only half that amount. Also, looks like I didn’t alter the sleeve as well, or not enough, because there was a lot of ease in there. I just made two pleats, I didn’t want a gathered sleeve on this dress.

I didn’t use a zip, since the fit is very loose (even though there are two fish eye darts at the back), I just made short slit at center back and closed it with a button and thread loop.

The fabric is cotton bought from Walthamstow Market on a Saturday, from the man outside Sainsbury’s 🙂 . Karen used the same print  for April Rhodes’ Staple Dress, I like the colors on her dress, the bright green (yellow?) seems more appropriate for the print.

It was really windy that Saturday and I couldn’t take any nice photos of my back, the wind made the dress look like a jumpsuit – an unflattering jumpsuit 🙂

So there it is. Today I’m taking photos of this weekend’s project – the Alder shirt dress. Yes, I spent all Sunday sewing it 🙂



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