Me made fail but sew indie May

My MeMadeMay pledge was to wear something handmade every day, and I was so sure I was going to make it. I mean, I have so many nice dresses! But it turns out I overestimated my wardrobe and sick days are not the perfect occasion to wear nice dresses. But it wasn’t only sick days when I didn’t wear me made. What I realized this month is that I (like to ) wear separates more than dresses. My #1 memade was my Scout woven tee, I wore this top close to ten times. The fabric is so soft now, after so many washes. So yeah, I need to make me some more Scouts and other separates.

I was going to join the Clara dress sew along but I want to make at least 3-4 separates before I make another dress – I’m thinking trousers, a skirt and a couple of Scouts.

May sewing plans included Clara, but I didn’t have time anyway. Other than that I’ve done everything on that list. I started working on the Movies in the park shorts a long time ago, in the first few days of May. A funny thing happened with this pattern. There is a dart on the back piece, but on my printed pattern the dart had no “legs”

I googled the pattern and only found two other reviews, but none of them mentioned the missing dart. I decided to make it 7 cm long and compared the width of the back piece to the back waistband to find out how wide the dart should be. After I finished the shorts I thought about checking the pattern on my laptop. The dart was there! Weird! It just didn’t print. But I was right about the length, so all is good. 🙂

I’m very happy with my stitch in the ditch here! Not so happy about the binding, this is what happens if you don’t start at the very top – hand sewing required.

Can you see the stitching below the waistband? Neither can I 🙂

And I’m happy with my matching buttons

I didn’t want so many buttons as in the original pattern, so I used only 3 on each side, and stitch the side seams together. The only functional buttons/buttonholes are the ones on the left.

After trying them on I decided they need a small adjustment on the crotch. The image below is not mine, I only did the crotch adjustment after reading Emma Jayne’s post.

Enough about the shorts, let’s move on to the t-shirt. The free t-shirt! I like my Plantain, but I wanted something more… classic? Tonic seemed perfect. The pattern is made for petites, so I didn’t have to shorten anything. I usually have to narrow the shoulders on patterns, and with this one I decided to cut a size M on the sides and go to a S at the shoulders. Not the best idea. Being for  petites, the shoulders are already narrow too. I’ll use a straight M next time.

I  didn’t follow the instructions for inserting the neckband flat. I don’t feel confident enough to stretch it without measuring before and pin it in at least 4, but usually 8 points. And I like the clean finish I get with inserting the band in the round AND sewing it together on the bias.

Whoa, this is a lot of information for only one post. I hope your MMMay2014 went better. But I think I’m on the right track now, at least I know what I need. Separates and more workouts. Here is my favorite weight lifting routine:


5 thoughts on “Me made fail but sew indie May

  1. Hey, thanks for linking my post of my version of these shorts. I just checked my pattern and the dart printed fine on mine (although I flipped the pattern piece over to demonstrate the crotch curve changes I made).
    I didn’t know SBCC had a free t-shirt pattern so thanks for hooking me up with that. Loving your colour combo of shorts and t-shirt.


  2. I considered the Movies in the Park a while back but worried whether the curve on the side would be flattering on real humans. Clearly, they just look awesome. Nice job.


    • Thank Ruthie! I like how they look, but they feel a bit roomy and they are pretty short as well, so I have to be careful not to show everyone my underpants 😀


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