Polka hot overload

This morning, as I was carrying my son to the tube station, I was thinking of what this post will be about. It was going to be about hotties and cuties, but then I did some research and apparently the two words are very similar in meaning, more similar than I thought they were. So I’m not going to tell you how I was never a hot girl, or how I remember trying to be one for a while in high school and never succeeded, or how I don’t even feel comfortable being hot. Or being too hot. Because let me tell you, even if what you’ll see next is full of cutesy polka dots in different sizes and paintings of tea parties, wearing a tight bodysuit with scoop back and front neckline is going to make you hot. I initially planned on wearing the Nettie with black skinny jeans, but I was hotter that I could handle. (I just re-read this and I think cutesy was the word i was looking for this morning, but it just came up now)

I couldn’t say for sure, but I do think Heather Lou infused some of hers and Wanett’s hotness in this pattern. The minute you put this on you’re instantly hot. At least as hot as you can be. Look at this face. Does this face say “hottie”? No.

That was my normal face, but how about this one? No.

Well, there’s only so much a pattern can do :). This was a really quick sew, it took less than 2 hours, but that doesn’t include cutting and snaps sewing. Cutting was quick as well – I recently bought a huge A1 cutting mat and I didn’t pay a fortune on it. I found a no name one on E bay, I paid less than 15 pounds, shipping included. Sewing the snaps wasn’t that easy though, I fond it hard to keep them in place while sewing so they are not perfectly aligned. But they do the job.

I do have some nicer pictures from the “photo shoot”. I met some friends yesterday, it was raining and freezing, but they helped me find a nice background (thank you, Jenny!) and stood in the rain while I as doing my best to act hot.


I never see those lines in the mirror, I don’t even think they’re actually there 😀

I know I mentioned the word hot 10000 times in this post, but it’s just to emphasize the hotness of this pattern 🙂

It can even make you hot while you do the robot dance!



14 thoughts on “Polka hot overload

  1. Hello! I saw your Nettie in the Flickr group and I just had to drop by and tell you how much I LOVE it! I’m working on a simple black version now, but you’ve inspired me to find some print to jazz it up! Love the polka dots. They’re my favorite!


    • Thank you, Victoria! I love polka dots too 🙂
      I plan on making a black version but I couldn’t find a black 4way stretch with a decent amount of cotton in it.


    • Thanks! That was actually one of my friends’ umbrella, I only have one with stripes. But it was a perfect match I had to use hers instead! 😀


  2. What else can I say? You look hot!! 🙂 I love bodysuits, they DO make you feel hot, even if you’re just doing the dishes at home at 10 in the morning. What really wins it is the polka dots. Who doesn’t love them? I would have never thought of buying polka dot jersey, but now I see how well it works here.


  3. You are so funny! Love polka dots and they make enough hot girl to please everyone. I enjoyed this post and your funny ramblings about posing before the camera. Lot of kisses, dear friend.


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