London Sewing Meet Up

Pff, what a day! What a day! I shyly entered the V&A cafe this morning at around 11 (fashionably late? 🙂 ), where there were 60-70 ladies, wearing fabulous outfits. I looked around for a few minutes, building courage to join one of the groups. It was a bit strange not knowing anyone, but I guess it was the same for many of the girls there. And once I joined, there was no way out! 🙂 I met so many lovely ladies – Amy, Amanda, Louise, Carmen, gorgeous Jennifer, Simona, blogless Vicki who had a fantastic self drafted shawl collar linen dress, blogless Maya who bought some really cool fabrics, I hope she will start a blog or at least Instagram, so I can see what she’s going to make -and more, I hope there will be a list somewhere with everyone who attended. I didn’t take many pictures, as I was too busy socializing 🙂 but I’m sure a lot will pop up everywhere around the blogosphere (The spell checker doesn’t recognize blogosphere, why isn’t it a word yet? :D).

At noon we took some group photos and headed out to Goldhawk Road, and this is what I bought:

I have a plan for everything, except for the pink bathing ladies, which was £2/m anyway, so no mindless shopping. Ok, maybe just a bit.

I wore my Burda 10/2011 – 122 red dress

Thank you, Rachel, for organising such a wonderful event! I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but I do hope you will do it again!


17 thoughts on “London Sewing Meet Up

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  3. finally found you- well your blog – great choices for fabric. In an attempt to save the bank and keep fabric stash at current levels, I got myself into talking to people so I got distracted and only left with 3 pieces of fabric one of which your choice for a possible Belcarra. Well I actually made my second Belcarra top out of it, finished it today:). Are you going to Minerva meetup on 14.06.2014? I you need a place to stay a few nights, you can stay with me. and we are just about 30 min train ride from Darwin 🙂


  4. How cool! I wish I could have been there! I love the fabric you bought…especially the purple cotton drill and the flowery fabric for your maxi dress.
    BTW…your wrap dress is great…have to go an look for that pattern NOW!


    • Thank you! It’s a woven in the magazine, but I cut it 1 size smaller and made it in a ponte knit, so I didn’t need facings either, I just turned the seam allowances to the inside and top stitched them.


  5. Wow, the meeting place looks amazing and the fabrics you bought are so pretty ! Your future projects are going to be very interesting. Can’t wait to see all of them on your blog.


    • Thank you! The place is indeed wonderful, it’s the Victoria and Albert Museum of decorative arts and design. I could spend days, maybe weeks there 🙂


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