XYT top and Jalie skirt again

2 weeks ago I ran my first HM in my 3rd Fehrtrade XYT top and 2nd Jalie skort.

I did some changes to the top pattern this time, to avoid the distortions that happened the first time. I removed a “wedge” at the top side of the front and back, made the front lining wider and added 2 cm back to the length of both linings.

old (white) lining vs new (paper) one

The fit is now great, the lining bra is still supportive, and there are no drag lines on the top layer.

For the skort I used the same sizing as the first time, no alterations. Since the first version fit was great, I was expecting the second one to be the same, so I didn’t think to do a test run in it. Big mistake! The fabric I used for the first version was a bit more stable I think, as where the red one is more thin. As a result, I couldn’t keep anything (my phone) in the cleverly designed pockets, because the skirt kept going down! I’ll probably add elastic at the waist, to keep it in place.

zigzag “flat-locked” seams

I’m happy that I now got the fit right on the top, this is officially my favorite running outfit. 😀



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