Burda top 111 02/2014

The February issue of Burda is the first one I bought in a very long time, maybe more than half a year. I loved many patterns when I saw the first preview but this wasn’t one of them. I actually thought this was ugly.

But then Pauline helped me see beyond the ugliness of the ruffly sleeves and I decided to give this pattern a try. OK, maybe they are not that ugly, but it’s not something I’d like to wear.

It’s just a basic blouse and in this fabric you can’t really see the lines of the pattern. I think this is the first time I’m making something with raglan sleeves. I usually make size 38 when I sew with Burda magazine patterns, but this time I decided to go with 36 after measuring the pattern across the bust. The top fits well around the bust, but it is a bit too narrow at the shoulders.

I like this two piece raglan sleeve, the shape of the shoulder is very soft.

Instead of using facings I decided to finish the neckline with bias tape. You might wonder how I handled the corners. 🙂

When sewing the tape on the right side of the blouse I made a small pleat at each corner. The pleat allowed the tape to “turn” at corners. If you don’t help the tape to turn and instead you stretch it around the corners, the neckline will pop out. It’s not very visible, but it happened to me at the right front corner. The pleat I made there was too small and I had to stretch the tape a bit.

It’s a lovely little pattern and I’m thinking of making it again as a plaid dress with bias cut skirt.

What do you think of the ruffles? Would you give them a try?


5 thoughts on “Burda top 111 02/2014

  1. I like the ruffles, they give the top a very lady like look, but I don’t wear anything that’s not cinched in at the waist, and the ruffles on arms and a flouncy skirt would be too much together I guess. But your idea of removing the ruffles and using the pattern anyway is a genius one. It looks like a really easy to wear piece and the pattern on the fabric is great!


  2. That’s a lovely top! I really love the print you used and it looks good without the ruffles! Skipping the ruffles has its advantages: you can easily wear a blazer or a cardingan without the extra volume on the sleeves. I went with the ruffles on both my dress versions but I like it without the ruffles, especially with this summery fabric.
    Thank you for the lovely comments at Couture et Tricot! Hugs from Portugal!


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