Jalie + Fehrtrade = Love

I LOVE THIS SKORT! It’s Jalie 2796 and it’s such an ingenious pattern. There is a pocket on each side, so I won’t be needing my running belt when wearing this.

I didn’t expect this to fit so good, it was more like a test for the skort I plan to wear when running my first half marathon this April. I’m going to make one in red for the HM, because I can’t just run it wearing whatever, right?

The waist band fits snugly all around, but the skirt is loose enough to be comfortable when running. I guess. It’s still too cold to wear it outside.

Under the skirt there’s a pair of compression shorts. I zigzagged over the inseam and crotch seam to keep them flat, no chafing’s going to take place in there 🙂

The fabric is supplex from Tissu. They have terrible (none) customer service, but they’re cheap, so I’m probably going to buy from them again anyway.

Why didn’t you reply to my email, Tissu?

You probably recognized the top, is Fehrtrade’s XYT top, which I’ve sewn before, but it turned out much better this time. This was supposed to be in animal print with hot pink FOE around the edges (scruffybadger style), but life’s hard and Tissu don’t actually send what they confirm as shipped. And they don’t offer cheap shipping, so you can’t just order another animal print unless you want to pay more for shipping than what you’re paying for the fabric.

I was trying to get an action shot here but the pictures were too blurry to be used for anything else than a gif.

I’m still making an animal print top to go with my red skort. I have to run my first half marathon in style 😀


3 thoughts on “Jalie + Fehrtrade = Love

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  2. Lovely running set! (And great action shots too!)
    Interesting what you say about Tissu …I use them occasionally to get supplex & when I ordered the lycra animal print my 2m came in 2 lengths – no one does that!
    Anyway, like you say, it’s the only place to get Supplex in UK so I’ll keep going back.
    BUT enough of others – good luck with your half! You will look stylish & go run run!


    • Thank you, Winnie!
      Sewing Chest has some wicking fabric, similar to the supplex I got from Tissu. But you probably know that, I think you have the pink flowers power mesh from them. That’s where I bought it from 🙂


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