Running belt

I re-started running before Christmas last year and one of my problems was that I only had one pair of pants with a pocket. So I either had to run with the phone in my hand, or use the same pair of pants every time. I chose the second option almost every time, but I had to do something so I can wear my Fehtrade leggings more often.


I found this tutorial early this year and I finally took the time to make a running belt. I used the same idea but my belt isn’t double all around. I didn’t want to cut in a new uncut meter of fabric, I wanted to use the small pieces left from previous projects and they weren’t wide enough to go around my waist. So only half of my belt is a long strip of folded fabric, while the back is only one layer.


This means that I don’t have to worry about my belt rolling or bunching, the back part and the side seams help it to keep its shape, so I didn’t have to sew fold over elastic on top and bottom.


It’s a great idea, I like it more than an armband. I already used it a couple of times and it serves its purpose very well.


4 thoughts on “Running belt

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