The plantain challenge

Phew, I almost didn’t make it! The plantain challenge was announced on the 8 and I knew I wanted to be in. I had the pattern downloaded and printed the day it was released and I was going to make it anyway.

The plan was to make a dress and a t-shirt with little keyholes and bows. I made the dress too, but it ended up being a night dress. The fabric I used was to flimsy.


But the bow idea worked out pretty well, if I may say so myself.

I cut size 40 from the bust down, grading to 36 towards the shoulders. This way I didn’t have to do my normal “petite” alteration.

Look at that perfectly top stitched neckline! The fabric helped me, it didn’t stretched much under the presser foot.

But it doesn’t hold a press for the life of it. I had to keep my iron pretty cool because the fabric was changing color under too much heat.

I sew it in less than 2 hours on my regular machine, pressing after each seam. Most of the stitches are straight, I only used a zigzag stitch for the neckline, but that is useless since the neckline is large enough and doesn’t stretch when I put the tshirt on.

Here’s an image of the nightie

The pattern is free so go and make yourself a lovely Plantain :). I’m definitely making another one with longer sleeves and elbow patches.


 UPDATE – I wrote a post to show you how I made the sleeve detail. Click on the image below to see it!


14 thoughts on “The plantain challenge

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  4. I love your plantain ! I saw it on flickr before the challenge results and knew I wanted to make one with the same sleeves. Do you have any explanations on how you did it ? congratulations !


    • Thank you, Stephanie! I tried many ways to make the bows, but in the end the easiest one had the best results. I just cut a 5x3cm rectangle with the longest side on the grain and sew the middle by hand, giving it the shape I wanted. I then wrapped a 1cm wide strip of the same fabric around it and that’s it. Very easy!


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