The high school sweater

When I was in highschool my mom made me a simple 2×2 rib sweater in red. My desk colleague who is still a very good friend loved it. When she heard that I can knit she immediately asked for a sweater similar to that one. It’s been over 10 years since we finished high school, so you can imagine how much she liked it.

She helped me a lot when I moved to London, so I was kinda owing her something special 😀
I started knitting sometimes in September but then put it away for a while. Then I got the marvelous idea to knit on the train.  I spend half an hour on my way to work and I usually get to seat.


I don’t remember why I decided to knit the front and back separately, but I shall never do that again if possible. I knit the sweater to fit me, thinking that since I am shorter and rounder it will fit her too,  because she is taller but slimmer.  When she tried it on though she wasn’t pleased with the length, and that is also my fault for not clarifying in the beginning.  So I had to lengthen it after I sewed front and back together starting from the bottom, obviously. I didn’t have the courage/patience to do it properly so I just picked stitches from the bottom and knitted for another 10 cm. That’s 4 inches for those of you who prefer the wrong measuring system 😀


It’s not that evident from more than a feet away 😀

It’s the first time I picked stitches for the sleeves but I will use this technique again. It’s nice to skip seaming once in a while. That’s not the case for the sweater I’m working on now, I am knitting the sleeves flat, so there will be a lot of sewing.


This still have to take pictures of my Miette, now that I have a skirt to wear it with.


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