I am sorry Megan Nielsen

A while back I was looking at Kelly skirts around the web (there are so many versions of this skirt, in so many fabrics) and I found this image:

Brumby and Kelly by Megan Nielsen

Brumby and Kelly by Megan Nielsen

I love Kelly, but Brumby won my heart instantly. So I kind of recreated it.

Ok, maybe recreate is not the perfect word.

Shamelessly copied it might be a better description.

I used a cotton twill and I had to iron the s**t out of those gathers, otherwise I would have had an umbrella, not a skirt. 🙂

The top stitching is not visible, and I did a pretty good job this time. Some bright pink would’ve been nice. Next time.

I hand pick the zip in almost every dress I make, but this was the first time I tried it on a skirt. See how my sewing vocabulary’s changing since I moved to London? The zipper is now a zip 🙂

And I sewed the waistband by hand, just because.

So, I am sorry Megan Nielsen for copying on of your skirt. I promise to buy the pattern if you ever release it. I hope you will forgive me. 🙂



One thought on “I am sorry Megan Nielsen

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