New year, new language, no sewlution

I’ve been asked by some international readers if I can write in English too. I am too lazy to write in two languages and I think my posts will get really long, so I’m thinking of switching to English.

Ma gandesc sa incep sa scriu in engleza. Cred ca posturile mele ar ajunge foarte lungi daca as scrie in doua limbi si majoritatea cititorilor mei stiu engleza, deci ma gandesc sa scriu doar in engleza. Daca vrei sa citesti in continuare si in romana, spune-mi si am sa fac un efort 🙂

I’ve been reading millions of Top 5 post on my never ending list of blogs I follow, but I don’t have enough finished garments to make that list. And I don’t think I have any misses, anyway 😀

But I had look at my sewlutions for 2013, and thank god I didn’t put anything in Karen’s jar. Let’s take them one at a time:

1. Sew at least 4 hours a week. Ha! Not even half.

2. Sew a quilt. I started strong in January with Crafty Block of the Month. I stopped there.

3. Sew more skirts. This was an easy one, because I made zero skirts in 2012. The Jason Wu hack is definitely a hit.

4. Sew these jackets. I bought the pattern for the Vogue 8804 but I don’t think I would wear it a lot, so I decided to spend 80 hours working on it some other time. Maybe when I win the lottery. I wanted to sew the 8739 ever since I saw Poppykettle’s version. I love it, but the pattern is out of print. I’m keeping an eye out for it on eBay.

Vogue-8739 Vogue-8804

5. Sew more dresses. I didn’t sew any of these, but I did make two BHL Anna and other 3 dresses. Out of 5, only 2 are cake.

6. Sew for the boys – I did!

I think I can achieve my goals if they are not too specific. So I think I have a sewlution for this year – sew and have fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “New year, new language, no sewlution

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing today. I felt a little guilty for not having finished many garments, but I too was sewing more than the year before. I think I’m gonna steal your “sew at least 4 hours a week” resolution though! Oh, and it’s great to read you in English, the Google translator was not even half as funny. 🙂


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